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Valley of Vision

by Sovereign Grace Music

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VERSE 1 When You lead me to the valley of vision I can see You in the heights And though my humbling wouldn’t be my decision It’s here Your glory shines so bright So let me learn that the cross precedes the crown To be low is to be high That the valley’s where You make me more like Christ CHORUS Let me find Your grace in the valley Let me find Your life in my death Let me find Your joy in my sorrow Your wealth in my need That You’re near with every breath In the valley VERSE 2 In the daytime there are stars in the heavens But they only shine at night And the deeper that I go into darkness The more I see their radiant light So let me learn that my losses are my gain To be broken is to heal That the valley’s where Your power is revealed Credits: Words and music by Bob Kauflin © 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
VERSE 1 In You is strength to sustain me And wisdom enough to guide my hand Mercy enough to forgive me And power to finish what You began CHORUS All that I need is in You, Jesus The fountain of grace that overflows All that I need is in You, Jesus You are my only hope You are my only hope VERSE 2 In You is fullness of gladness And fullness of grace for every need Rest for the ones who are weary And beauty surpassing all that we’ve seen BRIDGE You satisfy my heart You satisfy my soul You satisfy my heart O help me always know Credits: Words and music by Stephen Altrogge © 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
VERSE 1 Father, You loved me Sent Your Son to redeem Jesus, You washed me By Your blood I am clean Spirit, You’ve opened these blinded eyes And brought me to Christ CHORUS Heavenly Father, beautiful Son Spirit of light and truth Thank You for bringing sinners to come to You VERSE 2 Father, You gave me To Jesus to keep And Jesus, You love me As a shepherd, his sheep Spirit, You've given me faith in the Son And made our hearts one VERSE 3 Father, You're waiting To hear my requests Jesus, Your loving Open hand is outstretched Spirit, You're in me, You intercede And help in my need Credits: Words and music by Mark Altrogge © 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
How Deep 03:11
VERSE 1 You were broken that I might be healed You were cast off that I might draw near You were thirsty that I might come drink Cried out in anguish that I might sing CHORUS How deep is Your love How high and how wide is Your mercy How deep is Your grace Our hearts overflow with praise To You VERSE 2 You knew darkness that I might know light Wept great tears that mine might be dried Stripped of glory that I might be clothed Crushed by Your Father to call me Your own Credits: Words and music by Stephen Altrogge © 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
VERSE 1 Jesus, I am blind, be my light Darkened in my mind, be my wisdom Bend my stubborn will to Your own Open up my ears to hear Your Spirit Melt my conscience once again Help me hate the slightest sin And when Satan comes to tempt me CHORUS I come running to You, when I fear, when I’m tried I come running to You, to Your blood, to Your side And there my soul finds rest There my soul finds rest in You VERSE 2 Shepherd of my soul, lead me on To the pastures green in Your Scriptures Make me to lie down by waters still Fill me with Your peace in the tempest I take my refuge in Your cross By your sacrifice I’m washed And when Satan comes accusing VERSE 3 Once I was Your foe, a slave to sin A stranger to Your love, a hopeless outcast But You have brought me near, I’m bought with blood Now I’m Your precious child, an heir with Jesus You pour heaven into my soul Your wondrous love, it overflows And I marvel how You love me Credits: Words and music by Mark Altrogge © 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
VERSE 1 Your glorious cause, O God, engages our hearts May Jesus Christ be known wherever we are We ask not for ourselves, but for Your renown The cross has saved us so we pray Your kingdom come CHORUS Let Your kingdom come Let Your will be done So that everyone might know Your Name Let Your song be heard everywhere on earth Till Your sovereign work on earth is done Let Your kingdom come VERSE 2 Give us Your strength, O God, and courage to speak Perform Your wondrous deedsthrough those who are weak Lord use us as You want, whatever the test By grace we’ll preach Your gospel Till our dying breath Credits: Words and music by Bob Kauflin © 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
O Great God 03:08
VERSE 1 O great God of highest heaven Occupy my lowly heart Own it all and reign supreme Conquer every rebel power Let no vice or sin remain That resists Your holy war You have loved and purchased me Make me Yours forevermore VERSE 2 I was blinded by my sin Had no ears to hear Your voice Did not know Your love within Had no taste for heaven’s joys Then Your Spirit gave me life Opened up Your Word to me Through the gospel of Your Son Gave me endless hope and peace VERSE 3 Help me now to live a life That’s dependent on Your grace Keep my heart and guard my soul From the evils that I face You are worthy to be praised With my every thought and deed O great God of highest heaven Glorify Your Name through me Credits: Words and music by Bob Kauflin © 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
VERSE 1 It was Your grace that drew me to the cross It was Your grace that gave me faith It was Your grace that reconciled me to Yourself Though I had sinned in every way You disarmed me of everything that I would lean on So I would lean on You And You stripped me of everything I would depend on So I’d depend on You CHORUS In You alone my strength is found In You alone my hope abounds In You alone my strength is found My life is bound up in You VERSE 2 And in my weakness give me still more grace Grace to cast myself on You In every trial let me find Your peace and joy And grace to humbly walk with You O disarm me of everything that I would lean on So I will lean on You Jesus, strip me of everything I would depend on So I’ll depend on You BRIDGE Give me more grace Give me more grace And new mercies every morning Give me new mercies Credits: Words and music by Mark Altrogge © 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
Only Jesus 06:19
VERSE 1 Father of grace, You’ve sacrificed Your only Son for us, the crucified Jesus Enlarge our hearts to love Your Son O grant to us the grace to walk with Him always To make Him our great delight Bringing worship with our lives CHORUS Only Jesus! Only Jesus! Give us Jesus, we cry Only Jesus! Only Jesus! The Pearl of greatest price VERSE 2 Spirit of grace, You’ve shed Your light Upon our darkened eyes, unveiling Jesus Christ Come change our hearts, conform our ways To honor Jesus’ Name, His glory our refrain Let His love compel our own As we worship at His throne BRIDGE Jesus, our great Savior, Lord of heaven, Son of God Credits: Words and music by Doug Plank © 2005 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
VERSE 1 Before the cross I kneel and see The measure of my sin How You became a curse for me Though You were innocent The magnitude of Your great love Was shown in full degree When righteous blood, the crimson spill Rained down from Calvary CHORUS Oh, the precious blood That flowed from Mercy’s side Washed away my sin When Christ my Savior died Oh, the precious blood Of Christ the crucified It speaks for me before Your throne Where I stand justified VERSE 2 And who am I that I should know This treasure of such worth My Savior’s pure atoning blood Shed for the wrath I’d earned For sin has stained my every deed My every word and thought What wondrous love that makes me one Your priceless blood has bought BRIDGE A crown of thorns, pierced hands and feet A body bruised, and Mercy’s plea Credits: Words and music by Peter Gagnon © 2005 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
It Was Love 04:28
VERSE 1 It was love that brought You from above To walk upon the earth And love that caused Your weariness Your hunger and Your thirst It was love that caused You to be tried And tempted by the foe And love that brought the nails and cross And love that bought my soul CHORUS How wonderful Your love, the mystery of mysteries Filling up my heart, more glorious than I know How wonderful Your love There's nothing else so sweet to me I'll never be apart from the Lover of my soul From the Lover of my soul VERSE 2 Your love is filled with holiness O Spirit, fan this flame Your love will never cease or cool Your love will never change O let me see Your love for me Around me everywhere The shining sun, a gentle rain Remind me of Your care Credits: Words and music by Mark Altrogge © 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
VERSE 1 Who made me to know You, but You When dead in sin You gave me new life Now my heart is filled with love for You, Jesus CHORUS Father, thank You for Your Spirit’s work in me For opening my eyes to the Christ of Calvary Jesus, You gave Your life in exchange for mine Now I will live for You who died, Jesus VERSE 2 You placed a crown of grace on my head You covered me in robes of righteousness Forever I will always be Yours, Jesus Credits: Words and music by Pat Sczebel © 2005 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)


Someone might ask, “Why produce an album inspired by the prayers of a bunch of dead guys?” That’s an easy one. Puritans like John Bunyan, Thomas Watson, Richard Baxter, and Isaac Watts knew their hearts, their Bibles, and their God much better than we do.

These prayers reveal a personal, humble, passionate relationship with an awesome God, a living Savior, and an active Spirit. Reading their meditations inspires us to pursue the same level of reality as we worship God.

Valley of Vision includes twelve songs that draw from these prayers at various levels and in various ways. Some use a few phrases from a specific prayer, others develop a particular idea, and a few try to capture the original flow of thought, using many of the original words.

We hope two things will happen when you listen to this album:

First, we pray that your relationship with God will deepen as the truths expressed in these songs are sown into your heart. Truths like the deception and pervasiveness of indwelling sin...the power of the gospel to secure our forgiveness and freedom...our utter dependence on God...God’s sovereignty in the midst of sufferings...and a passion for God’s purposes on the earth. We trust these songs will make you more aware of God’s holiness and more amazed at our Savior’s sacrifice for undeserving sinners.

Second, we hope you will read, many times over, the grace-drenched, Christ-exalting, biblically faithful book of prayers that inspired these songs. We pray that you won’t simply read them, but that they will become a springboard for your own prayers and meditation in your relationship with our great, merciful, and changeless God who is, ever and always, there to meet us in the Valley of Vision.

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released August 1, 2006

Produced and Arranged by Sal Oliveri
Executive Producers: Bo Lotinsky and Bob Kauflin
Song Consultants: Mark Altrogge and Steve Cook
Theological Consultant: Jeff Purswell

Recorded by Todd Robbins at Omni Sound Recording (Nashville, TN)
Vocals and overdubs recorded by Sal Oliveri
Additional vocal and choir recording by David MacKenzie
String quartet recording by Bobby Shin
Mixed by Todd Robbins at The Workshop (Franklin, TN)
Mastered by John Mayfield at Mayfield Mastering (Nashville, TN)


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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