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Sooner Count the Stars: Worshiping the Triune God

by Sovereign Grace Music

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“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”
2 Corinthians 13:14 This is what God invites us to participate in as we worship Him–an endless spring of inexpressible joy, affection, and beauty that the Father, Son, and Spirit have experienced from all eternity.

Apart from God revealing Himself to us as triune we would never know Who He really is. But the Trinity isn’t so much a puzzle to be figured out as it is a relationship to enjoy. The goal isn’t complete understanding, but complete delight.

As we wrote the songs for this album, we wanted to inspire gratefulness and wonder that the Father has joined us to Himself through the substitutionary sacrifice of His Son and sent His Spirit to open our eyes to His love.

We pray that’s what happens as you listen to and sing these songs.

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released September 30, 2015

Produced by Neil DeGraide
Executive Producer: Bob Kauflin
Tracks Recorded by Neil DeGraide at Bitter Blood Studios (Louisville, KY)
Assistant Engineering by Tyler Anderson
Mixed by Craig Alvin at The Great Gazoo Reading Room (Nashville, TN)
Mastered by Shelley Anderson at Black Lab Mastering (Prospect, KY)

Lead Vocals: Kate DeGraide (8, 12), Rebecca Elliott (6, 10), Chris Jackson (2), Devon Kauflin (7), McKenzie Kauflin (1, 5), Dave Moisan (11), Doug Plank (1, 4), George Romanacce (3, 9)
Background Vocals: Kate DeGraide (6, 11), Neil DeGraide (all tracks but 1, 5, 8), Rebecca Elliot (11, 12), David LaChance, Jr. (3, 4), Doug Plank (3), George Romanacce (4)
Gang Vocals (2-4, 8): Dawn Baer, Ben Calhoun, Amanda Carpenter, Neil DeGraide, Addison Dennis, Audra Dennis, Geoff Dennis, Melissa Goins, Jonathan Jackson, Eric Jiminez, Brittany Kauflin, David LaChance, Jr., David LaChance, Sr., Sarah Taylor, Jared Torrence
12 String Guitar (1-4, 9): Doug Plank
Electric Guitar: Neil DeGraide (3, 4, 7-12), George Romanacce (1)
Baritone Guitar: Neil DeGraide (1, 2, 8, 12)
Acoustic Guitar: Neil DeGraide (8, 11), George Romanacce (2-4)
Bass Guitar: Neil DeGraide (1-3, 7-12), Noah Welch (4, 5)
Drums: David LaChance, Jr. (8), Alex O’Nan (all tracks but 6, 12)
Percussion: Neil DeGraide (1, 2, 4, 11, 12), David LaChance, Jr. (8, 12), Alex O’Nan (3)
Piano: Neil DeGraide (6), David LaChance, Jr. (1-4, 7, 9)
Keys: Neil DeGraide (5), Rebecca Elliott (10), Jonathan Jackson (11), David LaChance, Jr. (3, 7-9, 12)
Violins: Emily Donovan (10), Gabe Lewis (3, 6, 8, 9)
Cello: Neil DeGraide (3, 5, 8, 12), Bethany Payne (6)
Organ: Neil DeGraide (4), David LaChance, Jr. (1)
Harmonica: Doug Plank (1)

Editorial: Bob Kauflin
Production Assistant & Coordinator: Brittany Kauflin
Cover Artwork: Jacob Campbell, Brittany Kauflin, David LaChance, Jr.
Booklet Design: Brittany Kauflin


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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Track Name: Sooner Count the Stars
I could sooner count the stars than number all Your ways
Though I only know in part, that part exceeds all praise
As sunlight fills the skies Your goodness fills my life
For all Your precious gifts receive my gratefulness

I could sooner drink the seas than fathom all Your love
Like a never ceasing stream are mercies through Your Son
The death of Christ alone deserves eternal song
For such a love as His receive my gratefulness

No praise is high enough, no thanks is deep enough
No life is long enough to tell of all You’ve done
No shout is loud enough, no words are strong enough
No song is sweet enough to sing Your love

I could sooner turn back time than turn Your heart away
Though the years go fleeting by, Your mercies never change
Before You made the sun Your love was set on us
For all Your faithfulness receive my gratefulness

Music and Words by Doug Plank and Steve & Vikki Cook
© 2015 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Your Name Is Matchless
We were sinners, we were orphans, we were looking for a home
We were lost and we were broken, wandering alone
Looking down at our condition, You sent Your Son to change our fate
Though we were hopelessly imprisoned He came to take our place

Glory to the name of Jesus, glory to the only name that saves
Ransomed the captives; Your name is matchless

What a mystery to fathom that we’re Your children set apart
For we were enemies, not pilgrims, prodigals at heart
But Your Spirit now has caused us to no longer doubt Your love
Abba, Father, You have bought us, adopted through Your Son

Glory to the name of Jesus, glory to the only name that saves
Ransomed the captives; Your name is matchless
Glory to the name that freed us, glory to the love that made a way
Beauty for ashes; Your name is matchless

Glory to Your Name (x3)

Ponder all we have been given: heirs to God through Jesus’ name
A stingless death has been made certain and glory now awaits
Your glory now awaits

Music and Words by Neil DeGraide and Colin Edge
© 2015 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: You Stand Alone
You spoke and time began, light dawned at Your command
And by Your Word the earth began to move
Carved mountains with Your hands, breathed life into all men
You made it all and saw that it was good

There is no rival to You, O God
All kings and idols will one day fall

Who among the gods is like You?
Who could ever measure all You’ve done, O God?
Creator, Sustainer, Merciful Savior
Forever on Your throne, You stand alone

Your Spirit gave the Law in kindness to us all
And though we never kept it, You were true
Lawmaker, You have saved lawbreakers from the grave
And by Your Son our guilt has been removed

Your endless glory shines through Your Son
There is no story of greater love

There is no one like our God (You stand alone)

Music and Words by Neil DeGraide, George Romanacce, and Dale Bischof. © 2015 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: This Is Our God
God, our Father, full of power
Maker of the heavens, Maker of the world
Forming all things, seen and unseen
Truly the Almighty beyond all measured worth
Holy is His Name

We believe the Lord our God is One
Father, Spirit, Son; This is our God!
We believe forever He will reign
Let the church proclaim: This is our God!

Our Lord Jesus sent to save us
Born unto a virgin, lived a perfect life
Greatly suffered, dying for us
From the grave He’s risen, seated now on high
Holy is His Name

Jesus will come back again to judge the living and the dead
Usher in the age to come; let everyone sing “Amen”

Spirit, holy, One in glory
Speaking through the prophets, empowering the Church
Life is given by and through Him
With the Son and Father, worshiped and adored
Holy is His Name

Inspired by the Nicene Creed (325 A.D.). Music and Words by Neil DeGraide, Doug Plank, Dave Fournier, Zach Jones, and George Romanacce © 2015 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Spirit of God
The blessing of the Father, gift of grace and love
The promise of the Savior for power from above
Oh, wondrous gift that’s given for confidence and mission
Holy Spirit, You make all things new

Spirit of God, breathe on me now
Source of life, come, revive my weary heart
Spirit of God, shine on me now
Light of life, come, ignite my longing heart

Come and lift the dark clouds of doubt and unbelief
Shine upon my soul now, for by Your rays I see
Clearer, closer, deeper the love of my Redeemer
Holy Spirit, You make all things new

Where You breathe hope thrives
The dead return to life
And the dark must flee the breaking day
By Your light I see the glory of my King
Beholding Him I will be changed

Music and words by Dave Fournier and George Romanacce © 2015 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Undone
Your Spirit had awakened
Our lifeless hearts to see
The King in brilliant glory
Revealed in majesty
We were ruined in Your presence
And tearing at the seams
Our eyes had gazed upon the King of kings

We fall down in awe of You
We fall down, undone
We fall down before You, Lord

Our hands had crafted idols
Our lips had spoken lies
Every wayward thought we had
Against us testified
But You were rich in mercy
To provide what You demand
And now on Christ, the solid rock, we stand

Holy, Holy, Holy One

Music by Pat Sczebel, words by Pat Sczebel, Kate DeGraide, and Nathan Stiff © 2015 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Cling to Christ
Father, I can come to You and boast of deeds I’ve done
In my pride I strive to earn the favor Christ has won
He alone pleads my acceptance, all my works aside
So I come with empty hands and I cling to Christ

Father, I can go astray and battle needless fears
Voices tell me I’m condemned and that I can’t draw near
But Your Spirit calls me homeward with Your words of life
Jesus bore my every sin, so, I cling to Christ

It’s more than I can do
To keep my hold on You
But all my hope and peace
Is that You cling to me

Father, all my earthly aims in time will turn to dust
Let me learn that loss is gain for those who know Your love
All the treasures of this world will never satisfy
You alone are endless joy, so, I cling to Christ

Music and words by Jason Hansen, Bob Kauflin, and David LaChance, Jr. © 2015 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
Track Name: Blessed Assurance
Come, Holy Spirit, my soul assure
Relieve my fears that I no more
May doubt the love of Christ for me
That my debt is paid, that I’ve been made free
O Comforter, in me reside
When the tempter speaks be my faithful Guide
Show Your promise is for me secured
For the battle be my heavenly sword

Blessed assurance; Jesus is mine! Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God, born of His Spirit, washed in His blood

Illumine me with the Savior’s light
To dispel my thoughts in the blackest night
In darkest hour to my soul reveal
The wounds which all my sorrows heal
Impress that seal, His image leave
And by Your pow’r to His grace I’ll cleave
Until faith be sight and prayer be praise
When beholding Jesus face to face

This my story, this my song
Born of Spirit, washed in Blood
This my story, this my song
In my Savior I belong

Bridge inspired by and Chorus taken from "Blessed Assurance" by Fanny Crosby (1873). Verses by David LaChance, Jr. © 2015 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Great One in Three
Come now, Almighty King, rule and reign over us
Help us Your praise to sing, Father, glorious
Embracing us before all time
You made us heirs with Christ on high
By Your Spirit now we cry
“Abba, Father”

We long for the day, Great One in Three
We finally behold Your majesty
Face to face, we’ll worship and adore

Speak now, Incarnate Word, of Your relentless love
Bearing our fatal curse with Your living blood
When guilt and doubt come rushing in
Help us see Your cross again
You’re the Rock on which we live
Jesus, Savior

Come, Holy Comforter, give grace to weary hearts
Bring back the wanderer, drive away the dark
You’re the summer of our souls
You’re the fountain of our hope
Our assurance here below
Spirit of the Son

Inspired by "Come Thou Almighty King" by Martin Maddan (1726-1790). Music and Words by George Romanacce and Steve & Vikki Cook. © 2015 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Lamb of God
O Lamb of God, all worlds obeyed Your will
From dark and void their being came
O Lamb of God, Your glories echo still
Creation sings its Maker’s praise
Eternal God, One with the Father
Before all time You dwelt in love
Eternal God, unlike all others
Yet You descended unto us

O Lamb of God, in filthy manger lay
In humble dress You entered earth
O Lamb of God, Creator bows to save
The needy ones, helpless from birth
Incarnate Word, gift of the Father
To take our place and bear our sin
Incarnate Word led to the slaughter
You conquered death and rose again

O Lamb of God now reigning on the throne
The Judge of all, faithful and true
O Lamb of God, You’ll make Your power known
When all Your foes receive their due
Victorious King, when history’s fading
You’ll call Your Bride to take her place
Victorious King, Creation’s waiting
For Your redeemed to see Your face

Music and words by Jason Hansen, Bob Kauflin, and David LaChance, Jr. © 2015 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
Track Name: We Are Not Ashamed
We, we are not ashamed
For the gospel is the power of God to save
Yes, we, we are not ashamed
For we have no other Savior to proclaim
Christ alone, the Life, the Truth, the Way

The news of Jesus Christ, the crucified
Risen, reigning at the Father’s side
Is foolishness to those who cannot see
Blinded by the lies they have believed

So, let the Church arise, let the anthem ring
Till all the world has heard of Christ the Risen King
The song of the redeemed boldly we shall sing
The hope of all the world is Christ the Risen King!

The enemies of God are in a rage
Opposing Him, their efforts are in vain
Through every age the gospel will endure
The Spirit’s with the Church forevermore

We, we are not ashamed
For we have a sure foundation in His grace
Yes, we, we are not ashamed
For we have a great salvation in His name
Christ alone, the Life, the Truth, the Way

Music and words by Neil DeGraide, Doug Plank, and Eric McAllister © 2015 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Hallowed Be Your Name
Who is like You, Father, the Source of life and love?
An overflowing fountain in Spirit and the Son
Abba! Our Father, hallowed be Your name
Reigning high in heaven, receive our grateful praise

Who is like You, Jesus, the Son most glorious?
The fullness of the Godhead Who came in flesh for us
Savior, Lord Jesus, hallowed be Your name
Risen now in power, the Lamb for sinners slain

Who is like You, Spirit, our Comfort from above?
You draw us to the Savior, reveal the Father’s love
Spirit, O Spirit, hallowed be Your name
Fount of living water, come, fill our hearts again

God, there’s no one like You; for who can bear the sight?
Clothed in glorious splendor, in holy, burning light
O God, our God, Who was and is to come
Father, Son, and Spirit, most holy Three-in-One

Music and words by Doug Plank © 2015 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)

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