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Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man

by Sovereign Grace Music

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VERSE 1 How my happy heart rejoices I can hear the angel voices "Christ is born" they all are singing From the sky this good news bringing Let the earth rejoice O come and lift your voices CHORUS Christ the Lord is born today He came from heaven's throne God is born a man today To bring His children home To bring His children home VERSE 2 Death and darkness surely tremble Light has come to all the people The Lion comes to crush the serpent He comes a Lamb, a lowly servant Let the earth rejoice O come and lift your voices VERSE 3 God has sent His greatest treasure Shown His love in greatest measure Sending Christ to bleed and suffer Purchasing our joy forever Let the earth rejoice O come and lift your voices
VERSE 1 Let us join with the angel voices Let us join their happy song All of heaven and earth rejoices For the Lamb of God has come He has come to rescue sinners Come to meet our desperate need He was born to bring forgiveness Born for Calvary CHORUS Alleluia, Hope has come Alleluia, Christ has come We once were slaves in misery Till You appeared and set us free Alleluia, Hope has come VERSE 2 Let us lay our gifts before Him Let us magnify His Name With our thankful hearts adore Him For the Lord has come to save He has come to break sin’s power He has come to set us free Hope was born that glorious hour Christ the mighty King
VERSE 1 We have come today to worship We have come to praise the One Who came down into our darkness Born a lowly virgin’s son You who did not come with splendor Pomp and strength and majesty You who came to us in weakness Born to us in poverty CHORUS Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel In You alone we hope and trust Jesus, Savior, God with us Emmanuel VERSE 2 We were blind and lost and godless Wandering a trackless waste Then hope arose, a glorious beacon Like the star the wise men chased Down from heaven came a Savior Born a child, so small and frail Taking up our pain and troubles Conquering where we had failed VERSE 3 You who with a word created Sun and moon and seas and sand Lay there sleeping in a manger Cradled by Your mother’s hand You who made the mighty forests Would lie down upon a tree Fastened there with nails for sinners Would bleed and die to set us free
VERSE 1 How sweet the day when Christ was born When God Himself took human form He came to wash our sins away Our death to die, our debt to pay VERSE 2 How sweet the day when Hope appeared The One who frees us from our fears He came to break the power of sin And give us power to follow Him CHORUS Oh sing for joy, lift up your voice Let us sing for joy, the whole earth rejoice Let us sing for joy to the Son For Jesus our Savior has come VERSE 3 How sweet the day when Christ returns We’ll see the One for whom we yearn Then we’ll look full upon His face Our hearts will burst with songs of praise BRIDGE Come, Lord Jesus, come
VERSE 1 Come let us worship, come let us adore Jesus, Messiah, our Savior is born Carol His glory and sing His sweet Name Offer a life of thanksgiving and praise VERSE 2 Join with the angels proclaiming to earth Join with the shepherds in awe of His birth Join all creation rejoicing this morn The glory of God-become-man has been born CHORUS Come, let us adore Him Jesus, the hope of the world Come, worship before Him Christ, the Messiah has come Salvation is born VERSE 3 Prophets foretold Him, the Promise of God The hope of Salvation and light of the world Born in a stable and born as a man Born to fulfill God’s redeeming plan
VERSE 1 Glory be to God on high Let peace on earth descend God comes down before our eyes To Bethlehem God invisible appears Endless ages wrapped in years He has come who cannot change And Jesus is His name VERSE 2 Emptied of His majesty He comes in human form Being’s source begins to be And God is born All our griefs He’ll gladly share All our sins He’ll fully bear He will cover our disgrace And suffer in our place VERSE 3 Let the joyful news ring out The Prince of Peace proclaim Lift your heart and voice to shout Immanuel’s name God has kept His promises What a work of grace this is Son of Mary, chosen One The Lamb of God has come BRIDGE Hosanna, hosanna The Lamb of God has come Hosanna, hosanna He is the promised One
Rejoice 03:29
VERSE 1 All the earth rejoice Your Creator reigns As the only awesome God The Alpha and the Omega Who was, is, and is to come Let the oceans roar and the mountains sing He provides for all He has made So be comforted as He rules with grace Rejoice, all the earth, rejoice VERSE 2 All the world rejoice For the baby comes As a humble prince in the night The Word made flesh, Emmanuel The Everlasting Light Let the warmth of heaven reach the coldest heart With the gospel of His grace For His heel will bruise the serpent’s head Rejoice, all the world, rejoice VERSE 3 All the church rejoice For your King returns On a white horse wearing a crown He will break the sky with the angel’s shout Descending from the clouds Then the dead will rise from the land and sea All His people will ascend We will reign with Him for eternity Rejoice, all the church, rejoice
VERSE 1 Wise men saw a starry sign And left their homes behind for You We too have seen the Morning Star And hope has filled our hearts anew So like the wise men we will come CHORUS And we will seek You We will seek You We will seek You Who sought us out to make us new We will seek You VERSE 2 Wise men traveled long and far Following the star of God But You’ve come closer than the air You brought us near by Your own blood So like the wise men we will come VERSE 3 Wise men came with gifts of gold Frankincense and myrrh for You We’ll bring hearts aflame with love Gratefulness and praise to You So like the wise men we will come
VERSE 1 Hear the angels sing of the King of kings Who made Himself poor See the mystery and the majesty The Creator is born Oh the Maker became a man Let us sing what the angels sang CHORUS Glory to God in the highest Glory to God in the highest Our hope has appeared God has drawn near Glory to God alone VERSE 2 See the One who spans the heavens with His hand With fingers so small See this babe so poor all of heaven adores He’s the ruler of all Let us worship our humble King Adoration we humbly bring
VERSE 1 The people who walked in the darkness Have seen a great light come The people who dwelled in the shadows Have seen a new day dawn For to us a son is given And to us a child is born And the kingdom of the heavens Is on His shoulders CHORUS And His name shall be Wonderful Counselor Mighty God, Prince of Peace His name shall be Wonderful Counselor Mighty God, Prince of Peace Savior of the world VERSE 2 The gloom of the slave and the prisoner Has lifted like a cloud The ones who were crushed by their burdens Rejoice and laugh out loud And His kingdom will keep on increasing His peace will have no end He’ll bring mercy, truth, and justice By His own power
VERSE 1 The Son of God came down and laid aside His crown Born without great renown, this Sovereign One All holiness and might, all glory shining bright Have come to earth this night in Mary’s son O come, let us adore CHORUS O Christ the Lord, our hope and Savior Son of God yet made like us O Christ the Lord, our King adored Born a child, our Lord Jesus VERSE 2 Messiah born so small, asleep in cattle stall Come to redeem our fall, nailed to a tree This tiny, helpless child through death would reconcile The holy God and vile, His grace so free O come, let us adore
VERSE 1 Sleep, Jesus, sleep We’ve come to see You who never closed Your eyes Watching over earth and skies Now in frail humanity Must sleep VERSE 2 Sleep, newborn King We’ll gently sing You who reign forevermore Ruling as the Lord of lords You who never had a need Must sleep CHORUS Sovereign One Born as Mary’s son Prince of Peace One day You’ll deliver me Deliver me VERSE 3 But now sleep, Son of God We’ll watch in awe You’ll fulfill the Father’s plan Reconciling God and man Now Your promises to keep Must sleep


How can we get to God?

This question, divinely woven into every living soul, finds its echo in Scripture. There we see that God wants an intimate relationship with his people—to live with them. Yet the presence of this holy God is a consuming fire, so we, in our sinfulness, cannot dwell there.

Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man is an exaltation of the One who resolved that dilemma through the miracle of the Incarnation. The baby in a manger is God himself, the Savior who came to bear our sins and reconcile us to the Father.

Savior contains twelve truth-saturated songs, suitable for worshiping God year-round. Each song ponders and celebrates the reason for Christ’s coming.

God has sent His greatest treasure
Shown His love in greatest measure
Sending Christ to bleed and suffer
Purchasing our joy forever
Let the earth rejoice!

Join us as we celebrate the birth of the One who brings forgiveness to sinners.

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released November 1, 2006

Produced and Arranged by Sal Oliveri
Executive Producers: Bo Lotinsky and Bob Kauflin
Song Consultant: Mark Altrogge
Theological Consultant: Jeff Purswell

Recorded by Keith Compton at The Sound Kitchen
(Franklin, TN)
Vocals and overdubs recorded by Sal Oliveri
Additional vocal production by Bob Kauflin
Additional lead vocal recording by David MacKenzie and Mark Altrogge
Choir recording by Michael Modesto at Classic Recording (Franklin, TN)
Mixed by Todd Robbins at The Workshop (Franklin, TN)
Mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master! (Nashville, TN)


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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