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Listen Up! Songs from the Parables of Jesus

by Sovereign Grace Music

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Listen Up! 03:29
Based on Matthew 13:1–23 VERSE 1 Here’s a story ’bout a man I know He set out with seed to sow Some seed fell on the path that day The birds swooped down and took it away VERSE 2 Some seed fell on the rocks and stones Shot up quick, but found no home Other seeds fell on the thorny ground The weeds came up and choked them out CHORUS Listen up! God gave us ears to hear His Word Listen up! Then think about everything we’ve heard Listen up! Our hearts are soil where the Word can grow Holy Spirit, help us know how to listen up VERSE 3 Some seed fell where the soil was good The roots grew deep just like they should Water and sun made the plants grow high The fruit was good and multiplied BRIDGE If we want to grow then we need to know The gospel, the gospel Jesus died and rose to forgive all those Who believe in Him Music by Jon Althoff, Words by Jon Althoff and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Matthew 7:24–27 VERSE 1 Let me tell you ‘bout the saddest news It’s the reason that I’m singin’ the blues I built myself a house on some seaside land Along came a storm and it got out of hand I heard a sound, my house fell down! Now all I got is a pile of sand CHORUS I got the blues, the sand pile blues That’s all that’s left from my foolishness I didn’t dig deep, my foundation was weak So here’s the key: don’t be like me Or you’ll be singin’ the sand pile blues VERSE 2 I shoulda known what was up ahead My next door neighbor came to me and said “Hey there, friend, you better make a plan To build your house on a rock if you can And when the winds come rushin’ in You won’t be stuck with a pile of sand.” VERSE 3 So, here’s the lesson from the things I’ve been taught: You have to build your life on the solid Rock Believe in Jesus that He died for your sins And saved your life so you could follow Him He’ll make you stand and in the end You won’t be sittin’ in a pile of sand Music by Doug Plank, Words by Doug Plank and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Matthew 13:44–46 VERSE 1 If there was treasure buried in a field Something more valuable than anything We’d figure out a way to buy that land So we could hold the treasure in our hands VERSE 2 And if we heard about a special pearl Worth more than any other in the world We might sell all we had and buy a boat So we could give that pearl a brand new home, but PRE-CHORUS There’s no treasure greater Than to know our God and Savior CHORUS Ready, set, go! Seeking You is the adventure of a lifetime You’re better than gold And any other treasure You are worth it all Even if we have to lose our lives to find You You are the God we want to know Ready, set, go! VERSE 3 And all who look for You will come to find That You’ve been calling to us all the time You sent Your Son so He could set us free To love and follow You eternally, for Music by Jon Althoff, Words by Jon Althoff and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Psalm 23, John 10:1–33 VERSE 1 See the sheep with their shepherd How he’s guiding their way Through the hills and the valleys How he’s keeping them safe When the day turns to evening He will make them lie down Then he waits and he watches They can sleep safe and sound CHORUS We have a good and faithful Shepherd too Jesus, the One who calls to me and you If we listen to His voice and follow where He leads We’ll come to know He’s all we’ll ever need VERSE 2 At dawn the shepherd will call them He knows the names of each one They trust his voice when they hear it And they eagerly come If they happen to wander Slip away all alone He will look till he finds them He will bring them back home VERSE 3 We’ve all strayed like the lost sheep In the valley of sin Disobeyed God’s commandments Run away from our King But Jesus gave up His glory To seek and rescue the lost To bring us back to His Father He gave His life on the cross Music and Words by Jon Althoff, David LaChance, Jr. and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Matthew 18:21–35, Luke 7:41–50 VERSE 1 A king once had a servant Who owed him a huge debt But the king forgave the servant Sent him home, and yet When a friend who owed the servant A debt that was so small He begged the servant for mercy But he got none at all The king heard all about it And was he ever mad! He sent the servant to prison And took away all he had Said he had to stay there Till he could pay it all back ‘Cause the servant was forgiven But forgiveness was what he lacked CHORUS Our debt was satisfied On the cross when Jesus died And if we’ve been forgiven It’s gotta change the way we’re livin’ How can we hold a grudge How can we fail to love Once we have known what mercy is? Lord, help us forgive VERSE 2 Now, Peter came to Jesus Because he was so confused “If my brother keeps on sinning Against me what should I do? I’m trying to be patient I’m trying to be kind Do I have to forgive him The same thing seven times?” Our sins were countless Like the sand on the shore We should be grateful that the Lord He’s not keeping a score No—His love erased them They washed away when He hung and died on the cross And paid the payment BRIDGE It can be hard to forgive There’s no pretending But we’ve been changed by a grace That’s never ending Music by Jon Althoff, Words by Jon Althoff and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Luke 10:25–37 VERSE 1 A man travelin’ down the road Was robbed and left for dead Some neighbors might have helped But they walked on instead And then a stranger came along And bandaged up his wounds And showed us what it means To love like You CHORUS Lord, we wanna love like You With open arms and an open heart We wanna love like You And show the world how good You are Anyone can be our neighbor in need Help us to do what You would do We wanna love like You VERSE 2 We were made for loving You ‘Cause You’re the very best And to love our neighbors too Treat them with kindness And it’s not okay to look away And think we’ve done enough ‘Cause that is not the way That You love us BRIDGE When we were in desperate need You loved us, loved us While we were still Your enemies You loved us, loved us When there was nothing we could do You loved us, loved us So we could be like You, You loved us Music and Words by Jon Althoff and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Luke 11:1–13 VERSE 1 Lil’ Johnny came home from school Hungry, tired, needin’ some fuel Went to find some fish sticks in the fridge Johnny’s dad was standing there, said “Sit on down, son, and I’ll prepare” You’ll never guess what that dad did! Whoa, whoa, what’s the deal? He served up the weirdest meal— Sliding on his dinner plate Johnny saw a rattlesnake! CHORUS No good father’s gonna give us something like that Uh-uh, no way Our good Father always does us good When we ask, but you gotta pray VERSE 2 Lil’ Suzy woke up one day Hungerin’, hankerin’ for some eggs When in the room her dad appeared Then he gave her something strange It didn’t help her hunger pangs In fact, her brown eyes filled with tears Hey hey, my oh my, what’d she see? Why’d she cry? Breakfast made her want to run—It was a scorpion! OUTRO Keep askin’, keep hopin’ Keep knockin’, it’ll open Keep prayin’, keep seekin’ God knows just what we’re needin’ Music and Words by Dave Fournier, Doug Plank, and McKenzie Fuller © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Luke 12:22–34 VERSE 1 God chose to give the flowers petals And knows to give the birds their feathers His creatures never worry whether They will be clothed He fills them with the proper fillers (true!) He knows that birds like caterpillars (ew!) God is the first and best of givers He always knows and so we know CHORUS God will give us everything we need Clothes to wear, food to eat Love to share, and air to breathe God is full of generosity And so we know we want to be Givers like God, givers like God VERSE 2 A grateful heart will not be greedy God gives us all we need so freely So, when we see somebody needy We want to share If we’ve received the gift of heaven (yes!) We have received the greatest blessing (blessed!) O Spirit, help us learn this lesson: The riches there can’t be compared BRIDGE We see something and we love it Crave it and we covet And that’s not right It’s so much better to consider The joy of being givers Like Jesus Christ Music and Words by Dave Fournier and George Romanacce © 2017 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Luke 14:16–24 VERSE 1 There’s a party for us and it’s free, free, free The Host said He’s paying for everything The doors are open wide for everyone! It’s a banquet with all of our favorite foods Friendship and music and all things good The countdown to our gladness has begun Has begun CHORUS It’s a gracious invitation To the Savior’s celebration Love and joy are waiting And He says, “Come!” So, we will come! VERSE 2 There is joy to be had and it’s now, now, now A feast to be shared with the God of Wow! And there’s no telling what He has prepared! Imagine it all and then think again His Son gave His life to invite us in And best of all the invite can be shared Can be shared VERSE 3 But some are invited and just won’t go They make their excuses and answer “No!” They think that they can find a better feast They waited too long and they lost their chance But the Host of the party has awesome plans To invite the hungry, weary and the least And the least LAST CHORUS It’s a gracious invitation To the Savior’s celebration Love and joy are waiting And He says, “Come!” There’s no hesitation No need for debating Love and joy are waiting And He says, “Come!” So, we will come! Music and Words by Dave Fournier and George Romanacce © 2017 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Luke 15 VERSE 1 There were a hundred sheep in fields of green And their shepherd loved them so But one got lost inside a deep ravine And didn’t know how to get home The shepherd sought the one who strayed And wouldn’t rest ‘til he could say: CHORUS “What once was lost is found Raise up a joyful sound Come now and celebrate This one is home and safe! What once was lost is found It’s time to jump around Let happiness abound For the lost is found!” VERSE 2 There were ten precious coins a lady kept Until one day there were nine She ran around the house and carefully swept To seek the one she couldn’t find And when at last her coin appeared She wanted everyone to hear: VERSE 3 There was a boy who left his father’s home But found himself with pigs and mud He came back sure that he had been disowned Though he was sad for what he’d done But as in shame he hung his head His father ran to him and said: BRIDGE Everyday it’s happening— The lost are found By their loving King and As they turn from all their sin Listen, you can hear the angels sing: Music and Words by Doug Plank, Dave Fournier, and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Welcome In 03:51
Based on Luke 16:19–31 VERSE 1 There was a wealthy man Who feasted every day But right outside from the dawn till night A needy and sick man lay But soon both men had died And stood before their God The rich man saw heaven can’t be bought The poor man found he was loved VERSE 2 Our God in heaven is just His eyes can bear no sin His holiness and nothing less Is needed to come to Him For those who don’t believe God’s judgment is their choice But those made right through the blood of Christ Will know the greatest of joys VERSE 3 Both hell and heaven are real And God wants us to know That Christ endured what we each deserve So heaven could be our home And if we believe God’s Son Has paid for all our sin Then, by His grace when we see His face His smile will say, “Welcome in!” Music and Words by Jon Althoff and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Based on Luke 18:9–14 VERSE 1 I don’t wanna be like a Pharisee Saying “Look at all the good I’ve done!” God, You see within and You know all my sin Lord, I need Your mercy CHORUS Everybody needs You Everybody needs Jesus Everybody needs You And I need You too VERSE 2 Even though I’m small, I am growing tall Yet there’s one thing I will not outgrow People of every age still call on You to save We all need Your mercy BRIDGE Lord, You are strong when I am weak There’s no other Savior that I need You paid my debt, You conquered death Help me to believe Music by Jon Althoff, Words by Jon Althoff, Bob Kauflin, and Dave Fournier © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Be Ready 03:06
Based on Matthew 25:1–30 VERSE 1 Now, if we hear there’s a storm that’s near We’ll want to grab a coat to wear An umbrella too would be something good So that we can be prepared VERSE 2 Well, Jesus said we should plan ahead Because He’s coming back one day And those who’ve heard and believed His words Will be prepared to celebrate CHORUS Be ready, be ready The King is gonna come again Be ready, be ready His reign is gonna have no end VERSE 3 Now, some believe they don’t really need To think about the judgment day But they will find they’ve been so unwise And it will come a day too late BRIDGE Dark clouds tell us Soon it’s gonna rain But no one knows when Jesus Is coming back again VERSE 4 So, here’s the truth in this simple tune: We should always watch and pray And we’ll be glad when the Lord comes back If we’re trusting Him today Music and Words by David LaChance, Jr., Bob Kauflin, and Dave Fournier © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)


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Everyone loves a good story. But when Jesus told stories, he called them parables, and each one taught us something important about who God is and how He wants us to live. We’ve set 13 of those parables to music and hit on topics like listening, forgiveness, praying, giving, believing, and being ready for Jesus’ return. We hope you’ll do what the title of this album encourages you to do and Listen Up!

Produced by Ben Gowell, Assisted by AJ Mather
Executive Producer: Bob Kauflin
Recorded and Mixed by AJ Mather and Ben Gowell at CCV Studio (Phoenix, AZ)
Lead Vocals Recorded by Sal Oliveri at Grand Central South (Brentwood, TN)
Kids Choir and Lead Vocals (5, 11) Recorded by Grace Nixon at Sovereign Grace Studio (Louisville, KY)
Mastered by Jim Demain at Yes Master Studios (Nashville, TN)
Production Coordinator: Brittany Kauflin
Editorial: Bob Kauflin
Design: Carrie Donovan

Lead Vocalists: Jon Althoff (1, 3, 5, 12), McKenzie Fuller (4, 7, 13), Holly Harris (5, 8, 10), Lacy Hudson (11), Kenny Komatsu (5), Doug Plank (2), Jon Underhill (6, 9)


released December 8, 2017


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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