Lift a Shout

by Sovereign Grace Music

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CHORUS Shout lift a shout A mighty shout to the King Shout lift a shout Mighty shout to the King Lord our faces are radiant With a holy joy We love to sing of Your free grace And dying love We will shout to You We will shout to You VERSE 1 Every shout we give You Anticipates the one You will raise on the day You come Our shouts are echoes of Your victory cry The day You’re glorified In Your own VERSE 2 Every shout we give You Anticipates the praise You’ll receive when Your kingdom comes This joy is just a taste of That great wedding feast Of the Lamb and His chosen ones
CHORUS You have exalted above all things Your name and Your word You will be faithful to all You’ve said Your promise is sure You gave me strength and songs to sing You will deliver me again For You have exalted above all things Your name and Your word VERSE 1 I’ll praise You with all of my heart For all that You do and who You are No other name is higher No other name is good Your name alone deserves the glory Forevermore VERSE 2 Though You are lofty and high You keep the lowly in Your sight Troubles may seek and find me Your word will still prevail Through every trial I encounter Your word never fails
CHORUS What You began You will finish By Your strong hand I will prevail Every trial You work in it And Your faithfulness can’t fail Though I do not claim to understand The mysteries of Your sovereign plan I know the good work You began You will finish VERSE 1 You are the One who works in ways I cannot grasp You are the One who knows My prayers before I ask Why should I doubt You When without You I’d be lost When I am tossed on the sea You bring me back to the land And what You began VERSE 2 You are the One who will work All things for my good You are the One who guards My path before I look Why should I try to walk By sight and not by faith Lord give me the grace to have A childlike trust in Your plan And what You began
VERSE 1 You’ve given me so much More than I’d ever dreamed And so much more than I deserve Your mercies surround me Reminding me anew That all I have has come from You It’s all from You CHORUS For You have crowned my days With overwhelming grace Lord You’re so good to me Though troubles fall like rain This precious truth remains Lord You’re so good to me Yes, You’re so good to me VERSE 2 You chose me You saved me And made me Your own Promised that You would never leave Soon one day You’ll call me And we’ll see face to face ‘Til then You’ve given me a taste Of paradise
VERSE 1 Lord there is no one like You You are the hope of my life Knowing You Jesus Is my great delight Though now my vision is dim Your beauty and splendor are great I long for the day I’ll see You Face to face CHORUS Oh Lord hurry the day When our faith shall be sight When this veil is pulled away And we see Your glory and might Come Lord Jesus come Come Lord Jesus come VERSE 2 Spirit of God cleanse my heart Rid me of all unbelief While I fix my eyes on The Lamb slain for me We have this glorious hope Our Great Redeemer’s alive As sure as He rose He will come For His bride
VERSE 1 Your glory is what I am longing for Your splendor is filling my gaze Your love so great Is what I am thirsting for I live for the sight Of Your beautiful face CHORUS All my joy is found in You And how my joy abounds in You And all my hope it rests on You To live is Christ To die is gain And in the end Only one thing remains All my joy is found in You VERSE 2 Your beauty is drawing my heart to You Your Spirit is teaching me truth Your word so sweet Is more that a feast O Lord I live to bring pleasure And honor to You
VERSE 1 How wondrous is Your presence Lord Too awesome to behold The seraphim must turn away The angels are not bold For who can bear the brightness of Your holy dwelling place Yet by the blood that Jesus shed I dare to lift my gaze CHORUS Your holiness is beautiful oh Lord Your holiness is beautiful My glorious Lord I see You now by faith But soon Lord face to face Your holiness is beautiful my Lord VERSE 2 I long to see Your splendor Lord You’ve burned it in my heart My hunger won’t be satisfied To worship from afar Oh cause Your face to shine on me And take the veil away And then my joy will be complete I’ll sing eternal praise
VERSE 1 How do I thank You, O Lord For taking my place on the cross? And how do I thank you, O Lord For all of Your mercy and kindness? For calling me to You For letting me hear You For opening my heart to the gospel? CHORUS As long as I have breath I will praise You As long as my heart beats I will sing As long as life flows in my veins I will bless Your name VERSE 2 How do I thank you, O Lord For all of the love in Your eyes? And how do I thank you, O Lord For how You have changed me forever? For giving me power, a hope and a future With favor and gladness and every good thing
VERSE 1 What I once called gain I will count as loss I’ve been captivated by the cross You steal my breath away With that display of love I want to see the face Of Your glorious Son BRIDGE Lord be my single vision I’ll run my race to receive my crown But You are the greatest gift I’ve been given Help me lay all my other treasure down CHORUS That I might gain Christ That I might know You That I might find life Help me lose what I must lose That I might gain Christ That I might gain Christ VERSE 2 When I didn’t have You Lord I was naked and poor But now I’m clothed with Christ And I need nothing more So come and dwell with me Spirit inhabit my heart May I behold in full what I now see in part


Lift A Shout, the fifth release in our Come & Worship series, was recorded live at Covenant Fellowship Church (Glen Mills, PA).

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released May 1, 1999


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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