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Heaven Has Come

by Sovereign Grace Music

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chase It's such an encouragement during the holiday season. I always look forward to Sovereign Grace music releases. Keep up the good work. God bless. Favorite track: O Come, All You Unfaithful.
Tracey Krska
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Tracey Krska Oh my heart ... "The ever flowing Spring of Joy had come to share our thirst." The ultimate of giving <3 Favorite track: How Low Was Our Redeemer Brought.
Geraldine Serra
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Geraldine Serra By far one of your best albums. All the glory to God the Father, Son and Spirit! I love the connotations towards the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ and his ultimate sacrifice on the cross. Our family is blessed with this worship.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23, NASB) Favorite track: O Come, All You Unfaithful.
Michael Ngotho
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Michael Ngotho Thanks you.

Nairobi, Kenya
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Verse 1 O come, all you unfaithful Come, weak and unstable Come, know you are not alone Verse 2 O come, barren and waiting ones Weary of praying, come See what your God has done Chorus Christ is born, Christ is born Christ is born for you Verse 3 O come, bitter and broken Come with fears unspoken Come, taste of His perfect love Verse 4 O come, guilty and hiding ones There is no need to run See what your God has done Bridge He’s the Lamb who was given Slain for our pardon His promise is peace For those who believe Verse 5 So come, though you have nothing Come, He is the offering Come, see what your God has done
Verse 1 Unto us from on high Reaching down into the deepest night To the world hope has come In the dark the Light of Life has dawned Chorus What a myst’ry, oh what love Oh how can it be that heaven has come to us Verse 2 Unto us meek and mild God eternal born a helpless child Set aside heaven’s throne Veiled in weakness came unto His own Verse 3 Unto us grace has come Here to seek and bring the sinner home Lived to die, rose to reign Son of Man the Lamb for sinners slain
Once Upon 04:02
Verse 1 Once upon a midnight clear Heaven’s song broke through the air Peace and goodwill toward men Born now in Bethlehem Verse 2 Once upon a bed of straw Slept the Sovereign Son of God Lord of the universe Breathing the dust of earth Chorus Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, our Messiah Name above every name, gloria in the highest Verse 3 Once upon a splintered cross Jesus died to rescue us All of our shame and sin Nailed to the tree with Him Verse 4 Once upon a brilliant day Christ the Conqueror was raised Heaven and nature sing “Praise to the King of kings!”
Verse 1 The Light of Life descended to the world He made The ageless Rock of Ages in a manger laid Behold the Word that bore our flesh The heart of God inside an infant’s chest Verse 2 The Infinite incarnate in a virgin’s hands The radiance of the Father in the Son of Man Behold the peace that pierced the night The hope of nations in a baby’s cry Chorus Emmanuel, glory in the highest Emmanuel, heaven here beside us God Himself, with us now to dwell Emmanuel! Verse 3 The sinless King of heaven crowned with guilt and shame The Cornerstone was fastened to a wooden frame Behold the Lamb that crushed our curse And died to pay the price of our rebirth Tag Light in darkness, might for meekness All the glory be to Jesus Love has sought us, grace has reached us All the glory be to Jesus
Verse 1 Away in a manger a baby is born The Sovereign of heaven whom angels adore Is wrapped in the weakness of our mortal frame The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay Verse 2 Away in a manger a servant is born Made nothing to raise up the hopeless and poor With grace as His burden and love as His yoke The gentle Lord Jesus will shepherd our souls Verse 3 Away in a manger a Savior is born The crown He’ll be given will pierce Him with thorns The King will be cursed with our sin and our shame The blameless Lord Jesus will die in our place Verse 4 Away in a manger a Lion is born The darkness will tremble at His mighty roar His mercy will triumph and death will be slain The risen Lord Jesus forever will reign Chorus All glory to Jesus forever We lift high the name of our Savior All glory to Jesus forever We lift high the name of our Savior
Come For Us 04:45
Verse 1 You made us sinless, reflecting Your image All that we needed You gave us in Eden We went astray, death was the wage we earned Verse 2 Under the law You had given to bless us We were enslaved and increasingly restless When will You come? Lord, how we ache for You Chorus 1 Send from heaven our Messiah Lord, hear our prayer and come for us Verse 3 Born of a virgin You came in our likeness Loving the sinner in mercy and kindness Dying our death, giving us life again Verse 4 Now You have made us Your sons and Your daughters Knowing Your goodness we call You our Father All that we need, given in Jesus Chorus 2 Sent from heaven, our Messiah You heard our prayer and came for us Bridge By Your Spirit we cry out Abba Father, hear us now Chorus 3 Come from heaven, our Messiah Lord hear our prayer and come for us
Verse 1 How low was our Redeemer brought, the King who held the stars Lay helpless in a maiden’s arms and pressed against her heart While sheep and cattle raised their voice the babe could speak no words The ever flowing Spring of Joy had come to share our thirst Verse 2 How low was our Redeemer brought, the Lord the worlds obeyed Would stumble as He learned to walk upon the ground He’d made The One the angels bowed before would kneel to wash our feet And be at home among the poor though He owned everything Chorus Gloria, gloria in the highest Gloria, gloria in the highest Verse 3 How low was our Redeemer brought to raise us from our shame And now the highest praise of all belongs to Jesus’ name The Healer wounded on a tree to bear our grief and sin The King gave up His crown so we could ever reign with Him
Verse 1 The prophets had glimpsed and the angels had watched with awe The unfolding plans of our faithful, redeeming God What they longed for we have seen What was promised we believe Chorus Hope of the Ages, Isaiah’s great light Abraham’s offspring Blessing of Jacob, Judah’s might Hope of the Ages, David’s true Son Desire of nations, promised salvation God with us Verse 2 The vision once clouded has now to our hearts appeared Once shrouded in myst’ry, redemption has been made clear Our Messiah now has come Word made Flesh, the saving One Bridge All hail the One now revealed to the world In Bethlehem born to a young virgin girl Lamb without blemish yet cruelly betrayed Who cried, “It is finished!” and rose from the grave The Father’s great gift and the proof of His love Hope of the Ages, our God here with us
Verse 1 The first Noel, earth and heaven embraced As a virgin beheld her new born babe From realms on high to a manger on earth Salvation had dawned in a lowly birth Chorus Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel Born is the King of Israel Verse 2 The Son of God, in kindness He came As a friend to the hopeless, the lost, and the lame Our sins He bore yet His name we despised And the hands that brought healing were pierced as He died Verse 3 The Author of Life, there lifeless He lay As the grave cast its shadow and darkness reigned Then out of death broke forth a great light As He rose up in victory, the glorious Christ Tag Now let us all with one accord Bring praises to our King All glory, power, and honor be Forever unto Him
Verse 1 Out of the depths of silent night Immanuel, come hear our cry Our grief is strong, our burdens great The night is long and hope is faint Verse 2 You came to set the captives free A Morning Star of joy and peace Why does this darkness feel so deep? Why can’t our weary spirits see Chorus Glory, glory, glory in the darkest place Glory, glory, glory let Your mercy reign Verse 3 Out of the depths of silent night A Savior born, a mother’s sigh The darkness trembled at this Star A beam of hope for troubled hearts Verse 4 You came to make Your blessings known And bear our curse of death alone You came to share our suffering So in our sorrow we could sing
Do Not Fear 04:24
Verse 1 Humble virgin, arise and take heart You’ve been chosen to carry a son Give no heed to the trembling inside For the wonder has only begun Chorus Do not fear, do not fear The child you will hold is the Savior foretold drawing near Do not fear Verse 2 Lowly shepherds, look up and take heart See the glory of heaven burn bright Hear the anthem of joy and good news Hope has dawned in a stable tonight Chorus 2 Do not fear, do not fear The child in the hay is the Ancient of Days drawing near Do not fear Verse 3 Weary children, be still and take heart Every longing you feel is a cry For the rest He has offered to all Come to Him, for His burden is light Chorus 3 Do not fear, do not fear The God who redeems you and ever will keep you is near Do Not Fear
Who Is This 04:44
Verse 1 Who is this, divine and tender, hailing from eternal shores? Once arrayed in highest splendor, now in poverty adorned He is Jesus, God made mortal, Word in flesh, the Light of Life From a throne room to a stable, hope is born this holy night Verse 2 Who is this of might and meekness, given all authority? With a word He stills the tempest, at His touch the blind can see He is Jesus our Messiah, long awaited, long proclaimed Sing “Hosanna in the highest!” Christ the King has come to reign Verse 3 Who is this reviled and stricken broken on a cursed tree? Son of God by God forsaken, drenched in our iniquity He is Jesus slain for sinners, laiden with our guilt and grief All our praise to Him we render for His wounds have won our peace Verse 4 Who is this entombed in darkness, cast into the bitter depths? He whom grave nor Hell could harness rose and tore the sting from death He is Jesus, God triumphant, risen to the Father’s side All will bow in awe and reverence at the name of Jesus Christ Tag O come let us adore Him, O come let us adore Him O come let us adore Him, Christ the LORD


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For many, Christmas is far from “the most wonderful time of the year.” But when grief feels unbearable, when our resources are depleted, when the shame of sin crushes our spirits, and when heaven seems an eternity away, Christmas brings unimaginably good news: heaven has come to us.

“She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21, ESV)


released October 30, 2020

Studio Recording: at Smoakstack Studios
Producer: Tyler Anderson
Executive Producer: Bob Kauflin
Engineering: Zack Zinck
Additional Engineering: by Tyler Anderson at Royal Minor Talent and Grace Nixon at Sovereign Grace Studios
Mixing: Craig Alvin
Mastering: Mike Cervantes at The Foxboro

Lead Vocalists: Lisa Clow (1, 10), McKenzie Fuller (3, 7, 10, 12), Lacy Hudson (2, 6, 9, 11), Cameron Keith (4), David Zimmer (5, 8, 11)
Background Vocalists: Jonny Barahona, Lisa Clow, McKenzie Fuller, Lacy Hudson, Chris Jackson, Cameron Keith, David Zimmer
Gang Vocals: Karen Ballinger, Reuben Foster, McKenzie Fuller, Lacy Hudson, Bekah Jones, Bob Kauflin, Joey Latham, Holly Porter, Fabrizio Rodulfo, Jordan Spillers
Vocal Coach: Lacy Hudson
Drums: David Zimmer
Bass Guitar: Alex Moore
Piano/Keyboard: Jonny Barahona
Synth: Bob Kauflin
Strings: Dayna Osan, Emily Donovan
Guitars: Tyler Anderson, Jake Widenhofer
Acoustic Guitar: Jon Althoff

Production Assistant: TJ Hester
Assistant Engineers: TJ Hester, Grace Nixon
Production Coordinators: Rebekah Heid, Lacy Hudson
Editorial: Bob Kauflin
Album Artwork: Gabriel Reyes-Ordeix


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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