Glory of the Ages

by Sovereign Grace Music

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VERSE 1 I'm gonna trust in God I'm gonna trust in Jesus Without shame and without fear I'm gonna fix my eyes On the hope of glory For His day is drawing near CHORUS How great is the love of God How steady is His hand To guide me through this world And though I am weak in Him I stand And you will hear me say today In faith I'm gonna trust in God VERSE 2 Now when the cares of life Seem overwhelming And my heart is sinking down I'm gonna lift my hands To the One who'll help me To the One who holds my crown
VERSE 1 Jesus how we love You How we long to sing Your praise To join the mighty chorus That is worshiping Your name For You are surrounded By an endless sea of joy Multitudes rejoicing And declaring with one voice CHORUS You're the glory of the ages You're eternity's delight You're the hope of all creation And the fountain of all life You're the glory of the ages And the Lord of history Your great throne will stand forever Jesus You will always be The glory of the ages VERSE 2 Jesus how we love You For You proved Your love for us When You became the Lamb of God By dying on the Cross Now You are exalted As our great Redeemer King Throughout time our praise will be Forever echoing
VERSE 1 Thank You for the cross Thank You, Lord, for drawing me Out of millions lost Thank You, Lord, for saving me Haven’t You been good? Haven’t You been so good? CHORUS Glory to Your name Glory to Your holy name Thankfulness and praise For grace and mercy never changing Haven’t You been good Haven’t You been so good to me? VERSE 2 Favor on my life Always watching over me My darkness turned to light And heaven’s arms enfolding me Haven't You been good? Haven't You been so good?
VERSE 1 Sometimes I don't get everything I ask Sometimes I even find myself in need But oh it is so good to know That You're always near To strengthen and satisfy me CHORUS Your love for me is everlasting Your love for me could fill a million seas If I have You it's all I want Lord It is enough to know Your love for me VERSE 2 Sometimes my hand grows weary at the task Oh fan again the flame that grows so weak Remind me of the glories Of my future in You Of joys too amazing to speak
CHORUS By Your wounds I am healed Precious wounds I am healed Such wondrous love Your Cross revealed By Your wounds I am healed VERSE 1 Now I have a new heart New joy new desires Where darkness once ruled me Is burning a holy fire VERSE 2 Now I have a new love New strength new delight Where sin once enslaved me There's freedom and power and light
CHORUS Showers of mercy and rivers of blessing Showers of mercy and times of refreshing Showers of mercy That flow from Your presence oh Lord Revive us once more VERSE 1 Let Your glory pass before our eyes Let us taste Your goodness Lord ‘Til we are satisfied With love so high and wide send Your VERSE 2 Send Your rain upon our thirsting souls Plow again this fallow ground Oh let a fresh wind blow And let our praises flow
VERSE 1 There are strong arms embracing me That these eyes of flesh cannot see And there's an anchor that holds my soul Through the darkest raging seas For You said that You would never leave me And of this I'm sure The bonds that keep You ever near me are secure CHORUS Your sovereign grace is holding me through this world With nail-scarred hands that have loved me Through eternity Your sovereign grace is holding me Through this world Lord I rest in this certainty Your sovereign grace is holding me VERSE 2 Your mountains of goodness Surround me and reach to the sky And Your rivers of favor run Around me on every side For I know that You have chosen me Lord So I stand assured The ties that always keep You near me will endure
All Things 04:28
VERSE 1 Your faithfulness and love Your power and Your grace Your providence and strength All Your wisdom Your Spirit and Your Word The angels and the saints The gospel and the blood Of Your redemption CHORUS You cause all things To work together for our good You cause all things To work together for our good And You cause all things To bring You glory VERSE 2 Our troubles and our tears And every drop of rain Will only drive us near To our Savior And every victory won In Jesus mighty name Will make Your glory shine That much brighter
CHORUS The wonder of Your mercy Lord The beauty of Your grace That You would even pardon me And bring me to this place I stand before Your holiness I can only stand amazed The sinless Savior died to make A covenant of grace VERSE 1 I only want to serve you Bring honor to Your name Though often I have failed You Your faithfulness remains I'll glory in my weakness That I might know Your strength I will live my life at the Cross of Christ And raise a banner to proclaim VERSE 2 You welcome us before You Into this holy place The brilliance of Your glory Demands our endless praise The One the only Savior Has opened heaven's doors We can enter in free from all our sin By Your cleansing sacrifice


Glory of the Ages was the fourth release in the Come & Worship series. This acoustic album features nine songs, including “Haven’t You Been Good,” sung by Shannon Harris.

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released August 1, 1998


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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