Depth of Mercy

by Sovereign Grace Music

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CHORUS You are the one and only God No one compares to who You are You’re the first and You’re the last You know the future from the past You’re the Maker and Redeemer Of our hearts You are the one and only God VERSE 1 You hold the nations In Your hands Kingdoms rise at Your command To bring You praise No power on earth can move Your throne And You desire to be known As Lord of all the earth You are Lord of all the earth VERSE 2 Throughout the universe You’ve made Your glory is displayed for all to see But You have called us by Your name So with the heavens we’d proclaim Till all the world can hear Until all the world can hear
CHORUS Your love stands firm in the heavens You loved us before time began From age to age You will show us Your love You’ve engraved us upon Your hands VERSE 1 Throughout eternity We’ll marvel at Your love Revealed in the Cross Though we’ll never understand Why You chose to pour Such kindness on us VERSE 2 Why did we come to know The gospel of Your grace Why did we come to hear Why are we heirs with Christ We should be condemned Why did You bring us near
VERSE 1 God did not call us Because we were wise Or gifted with riches and might His chosen ones are The weak in this world Who hope in His all-saving name That He might receive all the praise CHORUS So I will boast in the Cross of Christ And I will glory in Jesus And His sacrifice I will boast in the Cross of Christ It is the power It is the wisdom of God And my great ransom The Cross of Christ VERSE 2 Great is the mystery Of God’s sovereign ways That flow from the depths of His grace That He would give up His one precious Son To bear all the cost of my sin Is a wonder I can’t comprehend
VERSE 1 All I have is by Your mercy And all I have is all of grace All I am is what Your love Has made of me Now I am Your new creation Your workmanship in Jesus Christ Made to walk in works You have prepared for me CHORUS I rejoice in all Your kindness And I rejoice in all Your goodness I rejoice in Your great love for me VERSE 2 All I have is from You Father The Author of each perfect gift You gladly give me all things To enjoy in You You who did not spare Your Son But freely gave Him for us all Will You not with joy Supply my every need
VERSE 1 You say come you weary And come you burdened And I will give you rest You say come you hungry And come you thirsty In Me you will be refreshed CHORUS And so I will draw near to You I set my face to seek You Lord Draw near to You And You’ll draw near to me Draw near to You I set my heart to know You Lord And You will draw near You will draw near You will draw near to me VERSE 2 You say why spend money And why go running For things that leave you dry You say come and feast Upon Me Who fills Every heart that is open wide
VERSE 1 When I look all around me And all I can see Are my mountains of failure and sin I will hope in the One Crucified in my place Jesus Christ the Redeemer of men CHORUS I look up to the Cross Where I see my Sin-Bearer Hanging there in deepest agony I look up to the Cross Where Your cleansing blood flows And I feel a great weight lift from me VERSE 2 When I’m standing accused And I’m guilty as charged And I’ve nothing that I can defend I will trust in the righteousness Given to me By Jesus my Savior and Friend VERSE 3 When I measure my heart By Your holy decrees All my motives and deeds I despise I will claim all Your sacrifice Purchased for me By Your death I will stand justified
VERSE 1 Depth of mercy can there be Mercy reaching even me God the Just His wrath forbears Me the chief of sinners spares So many times my heart has strayed From His kind and perfect ways Making clear my desperate need For His blood poured out for me VERSE 2 Give me grace Lord let me own All the wrongs that I have done Let me now my sins deplore Look to You and sin no more There for me the Savior stands Holding forth His wounded hands Scars which ever cry for me Once condemned but now set free
VERSE 1 Before the throne of God above I have a strong and perfect plea A great High Priest whose name is love Who ever lives and pleads for me My name is graven on His hands My name is written on His heart I know that while in heav’n He stands No tongue can bid me thence depart No tongue can bid me thence depart VERSE 2 When Satan tempts me to despair And tells me of the guilt within Upward I look and see Him there Who made an end of all my sin Because the sinless Savior died My sinful soul is counted free For God the Just is satisfied To look on Him and pardon me To look on Him and pardon me VERSE 3 Behold Him there, the risen Lamb My perfect, spotless Righteousness The great unchangeable I AM The King of glory and of grace One with Himself, I cannot die My soul is purchased by His blood My life is hid with Christ on high With Christ my Savior and my God With Christ my Savior and my God


Depth of Mercy was the third release in the Come & Worship series, recorded live at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Songs include "Depth of Mercy," a modern version of the Charles Wesley hymn, as well as the first published recording of Vikki Cook’s “Before the Throne of God Above.”

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released November 1, 1997


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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