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All That Thrills My Soul

by West Coast Revival

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For years Ryan, Jonathan, and Meghan Baird have been contributing to Sovereign Grace Music as vocalists, songwriters, and instrumentalists. Their songs include Always Forgiven, The Prodigal, Completely Done, and most recently Behold our God. Something special happens when the Bairds get together to play and sing, and on this EP you’ll get a chance to hear what that is. Their sound is a rootsy, sometimes bluesy, form of Americana, always communicated with tight harmonies and compelling lead vocals. Just what you’d expect from kids who were raised by their dad and mom to love Jesus, his church, and good music.

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released January 8, 2013

Produced by West Coast Revival (Jonathan Baird, Ryan Baird, and Zach Boomsma)
Executive Producers: Steve Cook and Bob Kauflin
Recorded and Edited by Zach Boomsma, Ryan Baird, and Steve Cook at West Coast Revival Studio in Pasadena, CA and the Sovereign Grace Studio in Louisville, KY
Mixed by Bill Whittington at The Givens House (Franklin, TN)
Mastered by Shelley Anderson at Black Lab Mastering (Louisville, KY)
Lead Vocalists: Meghan Baird and Ryan Baird
BGVs: Meghan Baird and Ryan Baird
Drums: David Zimmer
Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Jonathan Baird
Bass: Ryan Foglesong
Cello: Ashley Boomsma
Piano: Zach Boomsma and Ryan Baird
Synth: Zach Boomsma and Ryan Baird
Violin: Tessa Cox

Special thanks to Chalene Baird, Nicole Baird and Andrea Boomsma, Ryan, Jonathan, and Zach's amazing wives who supported and encouraged through all the late nights and drama queen meltdowns!


all rights reserved



Sovereign Grace Music Louisville, Kentucky

Providing Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church through the local church for over 30 years.

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Track Name: All Creatures of Our God and King
All creatures of our God and King
Lift up your voice and with us sing
O praise Him! Allelujah!
Thou, burning sun with golden beam
Thou, silver moon with softer gleam
O praise Him! O praise Him!
Allelujah! Allelujah! Allelujah!

Let all things their Creator bless
And worship Him in humbleness
O praise Him! Allelujah!
Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son
And praise the Spirit, Three-in-One
O praise Him! O praise Him!
Allelujah! Allelujah! Allelujah!

All the redeemed washed by His blood
Come and rejoice in His great love
O praise Him! Allelujah!
Christ has defeated every sin
Cast all your burdens now on Him
O praise Him! O praise Him!
Allelujah! Allelujah! Allelujah!

He shall return in pow'r to reign
Heaven and earth will join to say
O praise Him! Allelujah!
Then who shall fall on bended knee?
All creatures of our God and King
O praise Him! O praise Him!
Allelujah! Allelujah! Allelujah!

© 2013 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: All That Thrills My Soul
Spirit of the living God, open up my eyes
Show me the pride that blinds me
Stoop to my weakness, mighty as You are
And show me Jesus as I ought to see Him
For when I see Him, truly see Him

All that thrills my soul is Jesus
No greater joy can be
He bore all my sins and sorrows
His perfect love
Is all that I need

Father, may Your living Word penetrate my heart
And undo the lies that bind me
Shine in my darkness, mighty as You are
And make me know You as I ought to know You
For when I know You, truly know You

Jesus, still my wandering heart, tie me to the rock
That rests on Your work completed
Keep me from falling, mighty as You are
That I may love You as I ought to love You
For when I love You, truly love You

© 2013 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: In the Beginning
In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God, He was
With God in the beginning
Through Him all things were made
Apart from Him nothing
Was made that has been made
In Him was life
And the life was the light of men
The light shines in the dark
But the darkness could not comprehend

For God so loved the world
For God so loved the world
That He gave His only Son
That He gave His only Son
If you believe you will not die
You will receive eternal life

© 2013 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Plead for Me
When I am weak I lift up my eyes
To see my Savior plead for me
When fear closes in and doubt sows a seed
I know my Savior pleads for me

Of Your love there is no doubt
Of Your mercies I am sure
Jesus knows my need and for me intercedes
All my hope is Christ

When sin rises up I fall to my knees
To see my Savior plead for me
Storms may rage on, but this is my peace:
I know my Savior pleads for me

© 2013 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Oh, to See You
Christ the King of every age
Enthroned in light 'ere worlds were made
Come in mortal flesh divine
Into our dark came heaven’s light

Hanging on the cross of shame
I see the wounds my hands have made
"Forgive them Father," now He cries
And with a breath my Savior dies

Oh, to see You, Jesus, I can hardly wait
To behold Your wounds of grace
To express my love
And thank You face to face
My heart is Yours; for You I long

Look into His empty grave
The bonds of death could not constrain
Sin and fear and death are dead
For Christ arose and crushed their head

Coming soon to claim His Bride
All the redeemed He’ll purify
We’ll need no sun or moon to shine
For Christ the Lamb will be our light!

© 2013 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)
Track Name: Time Keeps Slippin' Away
Time keeps slippin' away
And I've been longing for my home
With every glimpse of heaven
I am holding onto hope
Lord, to be with You
Is better than this life
Hurry up the day
When my faith shall be sight

How I yearn to be
Free from these chains
Shed my skin and rise
Join the angels in their praise
In light of grace death
Has lost its fearful sting
To die is gain
For I'll be with my King

O my soul, lift your eyes
Hope will come; He is Christ
Then a triumph we'll rise with Him
How long?
Will You come, will You come, will You come

My head in the clouds
Though my feet upon the dirt
My heart in Your hands
Though my body still on earth
If I were a bird I would
Spread my wings and fly
Leave the world behind
Aim for heaven, say goodbye

© 2013 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)

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