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Prepare Him Room - Orchestration

by Sovereign Grace Music

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Words and music by Rebecca Elliott and Dave Fournier
Arranged by Joe Brownlee
Based on the recording from the Sovereign Grace Music album Prepare Him Room


released 07 November 2014

This arrangement is based on the Sovereign Grace Music recording Prepare Him Room. It is in the original key of G and follows the form of the recording exactly except for an additional repetition of the phrase “Let the King of glory enter in” at the tag. To perform this song like the recording, skip measures 95 through 98.

The recording has multiple electric guitars and favors percussion over drums. The rhythm section parts provided with this arrangement provide direction for the players that will work with instrumentation matching the recording or with a more conventional band. The bass can play the part played by the second electric guitar in the intro and first verse on the recording. There are also cue notes in the piano part that can be used in place of one or more guitars. Layering directions are provided for acoustic guitar. The percussion part can be used with multiple players in place of drums.

Chart form: Intro-V1-C-V2-C-C-Instr.-V3-C-Tag

New Life Charts provide flexibility for use with large or small musical groups. Three-part vocals are provided for use with worship team or choir. The rhythm section charts can be used alone, or various instrumental groups can be added. The Core Horn Section parts provide a jazzy sound suitable for standalone use. The other instrumental parts can be used alone or in addition to the horn section to scale the sound up to a full orchestra. Several substitution parts are provided, allowing charts to be used with a variety of instrumentations.

Rhythm Section Parts:
❏ Lead Sheet – Three-part vocals with chords for worship leaders, vocalists, and rhythm section players who prefer to follow the words.
❏ Rhythm – For rhythm section players who can read a chart.
❏ Acoustic Guitar – For acoustic guitar when using a capo on
charts where needed.
❏ Piano-Vocal – For pianists who read by note. This includes the
vocals and chords.
❏ Keyboard String Reduction – For keyboard players to use in
place of or to supplement a string section.
❏ Percussion

Core Horn Section Parts:
The top five parts can be used alone as the core horn section. Add the bottom part for an optimum horn section sound. The recommended instrumentation appears in bold, but substitute instruments as shown to fit the available players. Follow the marked articulations for style.
❏ Trumpet 1
❏ Trumpet 2 or Alto Sax 1
❏ Alto Sax 2 or Trumpet 3
❏ Tenor Sax 1 or Trombone 1
❏ Trombone 2 or Tenor Sax 2
❏ Baritone Sax or Bass Trombone

Additional Brass Parts:
Add any of these parts for a full brass section.
❏ French Horns 1, 2, & 3
❏ Trombone 3 (Euphonium) or Tenor Sax 3
❏ Tuba

Woodwind Parts:
These parts are a full woodwind section. If there are only three players, cover the top three parts. The bottom part is optional.
❏ Flutes1&2
❏ Oboe or Clarinet 3 (Soprano Sax)
❏ Clarinets 1 & 2
❏ Bass Clarinet or Bassoon

String Parts:
These parts provide a full string section that can be used alone. The String Bass part is optional.
❏ Violin 1
❏ Violin 2
❏ Viola or Violin 3
❏ Cello
❏ String Bass



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